Sunday, October 25, 2009

Break a Leg!

It's bad luck to tell a performer Good Luck - instead you are suppose to say "Break a Leg".

Well Tessa took that good luck adage a little bit too far this time!

After her final performance of Little Princess Tessa stopped by the house to take a quick shower before the cast party.  She was carrying her box of dressing room supplies up the stairs with her long handled purse hanging from her arm.

Her foot got caught up in the purse and down she went.  She heard the bone crunch!

She couldn't stand to miss the cast party so we carried her in and she stayed for about an hour while Jim and I went out for a quick dinner.

In the mean time I called our friend Larry who is a podiatrist.  He didn't answer and I remembered they were going to the temple that evening. I left a message for them.

After dinner we picked up Tessa and took Jim home so he could finish watching the BYU game - so sad!
Tessa and I headed to the emergency room at about 8:30 p.m.  I wasn't looking forward to a long ER wait and having to breath in all the germs of the people who were there thinking they have swine flu!
Fortunately for us just as we were getting ready to turn into the hospital Marsha, Larry's wife, called and said they were just leaving the temple and could meet us at their office in Tigard - we turned around and headed to Tigard!

Larry xrayed it and showed us the break.  The side of her foot had swollen up so much we weren't surprised that it was broken.  He put her in a big, beautiful boot!  30 minutes later we were on our way home - yeah Larry!!!

We gave her some pain meds and put her to bed!

She stayed in bed most of Sunday - still feeling the after effects of the pain meds and keeping her foot iced!

We have a set of crutches we borrowed from some friends so she will use those at school the first few days until the swelling in the foot goes down.

She's already planning ways she can dress up her ugly boot!!


cali said...

I love how you have the wild one hat on your head. haha.:)

Tamara said...

Well, if you were going to take to heart, "break a leg", we are grateful you did it AFTER the performances. Good Luck in the healing!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

Oh,no! Youch!

No ballet for awhile. :o(

Right before heading into the holidays, too!

She did a great job in the play!

Emily said...

So sorry :(