Thursday, October 29, 2009

Queen Bee Birthday Brunch

My sweet friend Jeannena had a birthday this week.

Jeannena has always been very secretive about her age.  Since I had been invited to her 50th birthday party ten years ago I knew that this birthday was a big one (although I'm not saying how old she is - wouldn't want her mad at me!!)

My friend Marsha and I hosted the brunch at Marsha's house.  We decided on a Queen Bee theme because Jeannena is definitely the Queen Bee!!

Well - Jeannena didn't show up but her "sister" Karen did!!

"Karen" aka Jeannena with a short blond wig on walked in with a huge balloon declaring Jeannena's real age!!

We crowned Jeannena the Queen Bee complete with tiara and septor (which was a yellow fly swatter with flower and bees glued to it!)
We also had cards for people to complete the statement, I love Jeanenna Beecause....

And of course there were yellow flowers, lemon head candy, yellow frosting on the cinnamon rolls and lemon poppyseed muffins to complete the theme along with blueberry muffins, orange rolls, fruit, a quiche and a frittata~

Jeannena used her septor to help blow out the candles.  I had brought 60 candles but we were afraid of burning down the house so we didn't use them all!

It was a fun morning with lots of laughs and visiting.

The guest of honor and the party hosts!

Happy Birthday Jeannena!!

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