Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Tessa originallly told me she wasn't dressing up for Halloween but I guess she changed her mind.  She put together this cute little witch outfit from things we had at home (thank goodness).

I had picked up the cute orange witch hat earlier in the week because I figured someone would use it sometime and it was cute!

And the spiderweb tights I found at Target came in handy too!

Tessa spent the first half of the evening hanging out with Hannah and a few of her friends.
I loved Hannah's peacock mask!

Molly was Miss America and Leslie was a Flapper/20's girl!

I headed down the street with the girls to go to the haunted houses a few neighbors had put together.  The four girls were in a line walking down the middle of the street and I was taking picures of them.

.  A group of cute Asian mothers with a bunch of kids asked them if they could take their picture!  I guess they thought they were someone famous since there was a photographer following them around taking pictures of them!!  They had all their kids get in the picture with them!

he neighbors did a great job with the haunted houses.  I actually screamed!!  Some of the smaller neighbor kids helped out at them.

Here is Olivia scaring her mom!

and Lauren with her head on a platter!!

Neighbot Brock was part of the Balzer's haunted house and he too was being served up for dinner!!

We didn't have as many trick or treaters this year - I think the kid's in our neighborhood are just getting older and there aren't as many little ones but it was a fun evening.  We still had fun handing out candy.

Here's Declan and Joe all dressed up with a friend of theirs!

Happy Halloween!


linda said...

Your Halloween reminded me a little of mine...different these days with kids gone. Luckily you still have some neighborhood kids around to celebrate the holidays with. As you mentioned, our neighborhood kids seemed to have grown up on us too, mine included!

Tamara said...

We had a quiet Halloween this year. We did not get nearly as many trick or treaters as in the past. I did get to go to a "Witch Party" that was so much fun. I did not even recognize the hostess.