Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloweenie Roast

Friday night we hosted a neighborhood Halloweenie Roast.  I blogged about the party over at Your Homebased Mom but since this blog has become my family history I wanted it here too and I know some of you only read this blog.

It was a fun party!.

I created a fun Sweet Treat table with a Candy corn Bar,  Chocolate Witch fingers, Vampire Blood Soda and Shari brought yummy candy corn. 

And then there were those cute Frankenstein cupcakes I made.

For dinner we cooked hot dogs over the portable fire pit.  Since it had been raining during rhe week and the grass was pretty muddy we opted not to use the in ground one at the back of the yard.  We had the regular hot dog condiments and I even made Coney Sauce.  The neighbors heled out with salad, veges and dip and cheesy bread that looked like candy corn!
The kids had a great time cooking their own dinner!

The moms even got into it!

Of course Jim hung out with his buddy Declan.

It was an evening of food, friends and fun.  We really do have the best neighbors!!

And the "Broken Girls" compared wounds!  Molly broke her arm playing soccer!


Tamara said...

Fun! Fun! Wished you were our neighbors. . . . .but at least I'm closer than ever before. We are getting over there after we find a home and move. Richard signed papers on the home here in Moses Lake 2 weeks ago (while I was in Arizona). The lady has cash and wanted us out in 30 days. . . .but I am spending 24/7 on the internet and with the realtor. I have champaign tastes on a beer budget. Thanks for all your motivation. Love you all!

Emily said...

I really need to get festive like you for Halloween!!! This is the one holiday I struggle with . . .