Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why all the posting?

May be you have  noticed - maybe you haven't - but I have posted every day in November so far.

Well I am finally ready to make the committment.  November is National Blog Posting Month and I am joining.  The deal is you have to post once a day for the whole month!

Wasn't sure I could or wanted to do this so before making a committment and letting you know what I was doing I thought I'd see if I could post here every day for a week - so far so good.

So I am making a committment and letting you hold me accountable (if there really is anyone out there reading this blog - I know you are Tamara and Emily!!)

Do here goes!  Would love to hear from you if you are reading - it really isn't hard to leave a comment - just click below!


linda said...

Leigh Anne I am a regular reader...and a sometimes commenter!

I'll look forward to reading your daily posts.

I don't think I could post everyday...not enough exciting stuff in my life!

Tamara said...

Yeah for all the osts. We love them. Glad Cali had such a fun BD.

Cooper Family said...

Good luck with the postings. I'll be checking in everyday to see the new post of the day!

linda m. said...

Leigh Anne, I don't want you to think I'm a stalker, but I read this blog too!! Always enjoy your posts :) ~

Emily said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Now I have an excuse to read blogs more than Monday mornings. I am so excited!!!