Sunday, May 4, 2008

Australia Update - #2

Here's the email we received from Logan today - we did talk to him this weekend also. Yes Clark - I left the typos and lack of punctuation in!

Well not much has happened since I last talked with you last night This mornign we went to church and we went to a park for awhile and then we drove to sydney where we had a fireside. We have had huge turn outs at our firesides. 600 to 800 hundred people. They are a great people. The area president came and talked to us before the show. We had a ton of people from New Castle which is about two and a half hours away make the trip down for our fireside. My host family (or they call it billits here) it is amazing how many different words they have here, they are great they both work for the church office here in Sydney.

We have a free day tomorrow in Sydney. I want to see the oprera house and some gardens and then take a ferry to a really cool beach. I am pretty excited to just get lost in a big city and not have any where I have to go.

Well love you all

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