Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all you mother's are enjoying a wonderful day!

Jim woke up with a vertigo attack this morning so that pretty much puts him out of commission for the day. The girl's got up and pitched in and served me a pretty and yummy breakfast - pancakes with cinnamon syrup, whip cream and strawberries, bacon, strawberries romanoff and juice. They did a nice job setting a pretty table too

Tessa made a collage for me with pictures of her and me and Cali bought me a movie I really enjoyed. I got an email from Logan and am hoping for a Mother's Day phone call.

Clark sent a fun musical card and some money for Grandma and I to go to dinner. Jim bought a couple of large, glazed pots for the patio - now I just need to fill them with plants!

The girl's and I are busy getting dinner ready - pork tenderloin, potatoes, broccoli salad, challah bread and boccone dolce for dessert - my favorite dessert. (I'll put the recipe on my other blog later this week) Grandma and Grandpa Best will join us.

I spent a good part of the week with "graduation preparation" I put a quilt together for Senior Quilt night, a nice ward tradition. The YW and RS tie quilts for all of the graduating seniors. The mother provides the quilt and everyone joins in to help tie it. I am in charge of the dinner that night too. They also put together a slide show to music so I had to pull out and scan in the pictures I wanted them to use for Cali. We worked on invites for a joint graduation party for Cali and Hannah and need to get her announcements out. I am still trying to get her scrapbook updated!

This was also the week to sign up for housing at BYU. After waiting on hold on the computer for an hour and 20 minutes (the server went down) I finally got through and there was no housing left at Helaman or Heritage Halls - only at Wyview Park (former Wyview Terrace, married housing). The problem with that is it is far from campus and there is no cafeteria, they have a kitchen in the apartment. I knew that Cali would not cook for herself so was not real comfortable with her living there. A few days later I got a call from BYU acknowledging there had been problems with the server and they asked me if I had gotten the housing I wanted - I told them I had not and they asked me where Cali wanted to live - I told them Helaman Halls (they have a cafeteria) and they they asked me which hall - they got her a room in the exact hall we wanted!

There are only 3 weeks of school left for Cali - she took the AP Lit test last week and has the AP Psychology one this week. She is also directing a One Act Play so has rehearsal for that. With a little bribing and encouragement Tessa tried out for the One Acts and got a part in Cali's show - she plays a trophy wife, beautiful, plastic surgery addict. Should be interesting!

Jim was in Las Vegas Sunday - Tuesday and then went to Seattle on Wednesday - Thursday so it was a girl's week at home.

Cali and I made a trip to the Washington County courthouse this week to apply for an official name change. Her current official name is "Calista Wilkes" but as of June 5th it will be "Calista Mary Wilkes" She is named after my grandmother Mary Calista - not sure why we didn't add the Mary when she was born but now it will be official. We have to go before the judge on the 5th. So if anyone out there opposes her name change you can show up at the Washington county courthouse on June 5th to protest!

Boy Update: We got a quick email from Logan - they are off to Tasmania. He hoped to be able to call from the airport but not sure.

Clark stays busy with school and work - not sure what else he is up too???? We look forward to having him home after Spring term!

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