Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oops - Haven't done that in a while!

The girl's had an annual cleaning with the dentist this week and Tessa was due for x-rays. That afternoon the dentist's office called to say the doctor had seen something on the x-ray that she wanted a better look at and could we come back in for a full panel x-ray.

Back we went the next day - after the x-ray the doctor called us in and put the x-ray up - and there it was - a tooth. Now not a strange thing to find in a mouth but it is strange when 3 months ago, in February Tessa had her wisdom removed - at least we thought she did! Yes, still there - in full view in the x-ray was 2/3's of a wisdom tooth!!

The dentist's assistant got on the phone to the oral surgeon, had them pull the records and they assured her that they had removed FOUR wisdom teeth. The next day Jim, Tessa and the x-rays headed downtown to the oral surgeons office where after waiting for AN HOUR in the waiting room the oral surgeon announced "Oops, haven't done that in a while!" Yes, he had only removed 3 1/3 wisdom teeth.

The teeth had all been impacted so he had to remove them in pieces - guess he got distracted or something! So in July, once again Tessa will have her wisdom teeth removed or rather wisdom tooth. I thought since I had four children I would only have to go through this wisdom tooth removal thing 4 times - I was wrong!

The girl's kept busy this week with school (only 2 weeks left for Cali), dance and play practice. Cali is directing a one act and Tessa is in it.

We had a fun family night when we attended our little 5 year old neighbor, Jim's buddy, Declan's t-ball game. It was fun to cheer him on but Jim was a bit dismayed to discover not only did they NOT count runs they didn't count outs either! Don't want to hurt anyones feelings I guess.

Friday I took the day off and headed out the Gorge with a group of ladies from church where we climbed Coyote Ridge. It is on the Washington side and has a gorgeous view of the gorge. It is a beautiful and very uphill walk through meadows of wildflowers.

That's my friend Marsha and I hanging over Coyote Ridge. It was a beautiful day - despite the 96 degree weather there was a slight overcast and a gentle breeze blowing. I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with some of the woman who are very experienced hikers but I did pretty good. I didn't have a problem until I woke up Saturday morning and couldn't move!! Thanks to a handful of Advil I was able to get up and moving because I had to cook lunch for 80 people!

I did the luncheon for the American Mother's State Convention. I got lunch fixed, served and then headed home for some more Advil!

Boy Update:
Logan is USA bound and should arrive in Salt Lake Monday evening. We have spoken to him several times and they have had an amazing experience. After a week in Tasmania they flew back to Australia for a visit to Melbourne. We can't wait to hear all the details and see the pictures. He will be home for a short visit the first of June for Cali's graduation.

Clark is enjoying his Spring term and has been busy working on his tan and his golf game. He has joined a bowling league and an intramural golf team. Yesterday he was excited when he shot a 42 and hit a 322 yard drive. His golfing buddy had a GPS unit that measured the length of it! Clark was excited and called his Grandpa Best to let him know!

Jim made a quick overnight trip to Salt Lake and will probably head to Seattle this week. This trip was so quick he didn't get a chance to see Clark or take him out to eat!

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