Sunday, May 25, 2008

Countdown to Graduation

Only one week of high school left for Cali! We are knee deep in graduation celebration/preparation at our house.

The kitchen table is covered in party invites (100 people next Saturday), graduation announcements, special scrapbooking projects, grad night decorations to finish up (I'm in charge of the photo booth).
We spent Saturday shopping for the perfect graduation dress - Jim can't figure out why she can't just wear something that is in her closet. I told him, that if after being married to me for 27 years he hasn't figured that one out yet - he never will!!

We found a darling dress - at least I think it's darling, Cali isn't convinced yet so another shopping trip might be on the horizon....and then there are the perfect shoes to find.

It will be a busy final week of school for Cali -on top of finals there will be a choir concert on Wednesday with "A Little Night Music" afterwards. Cali is doing a solo and a duet with Jameson., there is a senior reception on Thursday, Senior Assembly/Breakfast on Friday along with two invites to grad parties that night. Saturday is Cali's grad party from 1-4 and then invites to 3 more after hers and then the Theater Department Academy Awards - which surprise - I'm in charge of the food for. This will be a few hours after I fed 100 people at our house!!! Someone slap me please!!!

This past week was busy with One Acts. Cali and her friend Bianca directed one (the seniors all direct them) and Tessa made her debut on the Westview Stage as Bonnie, the alcoholic, trophy wife. She did a great job and had a good time. Cali has a new appreciation for what her theater director goes through with each production - she has decided it is a very stressful job.

In between the One Act activities we managed to squeeze in Young Women's Senior Quilt Night - the moms put the quilts together and then the Young Women, their mother's and sisters from Relief Society join in tying them for the girls. Each girl had a table display and they did a slide show with pictures of each of the girl's growing up put to music. Dinner and dessert were served and guess who was in charge of that!!! Yes, yours truly. We serve penne rustica pasta, roasted garlic bread, strawberry spinach salad and Lemonade Pie (recipes are on my other blog).

My mom was a huge help and made all the pies plus helped me serve and clean up that night.

Cali's quilt turned out great - we used green minky fabric so it is really warm and cozy.

Jim's vertigo episodes (due to Meiner's Disease) have dramatically escalated in the last few months - several a month instead of several a year. He had one on Mother's Day and is having another mild one today. We finally (after a little threatening) got him to go see a Meiner's specialist here in Portland. He had a two hour appointment with the doctor and his nurse and goes back for another 3 hour appointment in a few weeks and then another 2 hour appointment. We are hoping they can do something to help him!
Boy Update:
World traveler Logan couldn't handle staying in one place for more than a week so decided to make a trip to LA for the weekend. He, Becca, Becca's brother and sister and her sister's friend headed to LA on Friday. They went to Knott's Berry Farm on Saturday and then went to see Wicked which Logan absolutely loved of course! They are staying at the home of one of the other Young Ambassadors. They went to church with them today and are having a bonfire on the beach tonight. They head home on Monday with a stop in Las Vegas for an In n Out Burger and a walk down the strip. Logan is living at Wynn and Emily's this summer - thank you Wynn and Emily!!! He is liking having "little brother's and sisters" around again! He won't be in Provo long though because he is coming home next Friday for graduation - we can't wait to see him!!!

Clark had a date Friday night - went out to dinner and to see the new Indiana Jones' movie which he said was "stupid". He played racquetball with another girl Saturday and then just "hung out" Saturday night.

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Rhonda said...

You too are crazy busy. Our Annelise will graduate on June 18 and is then headed to Utah for school. She has finally decided to go to USU.

The festivities start for us in August, but this late HS graduation we always have is hard on planning.

So, we have so much to do while in Utah. I hope come September I still have a mind left! :)