Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Graduation Week

I am a few days late with this week's post - did anyone notice?

Thought I'd give you an update on all the graduation happenings around here the last week. I think at last count there were about 25 various graduation related activities on our calendar in about a 10 day period. It's just one big party after another!!

The week started out with the day off school for Memorial Day - we told the girls they had to spend two hours with us! They somewhat gladly joined us for a hike at the Audubon Society and then a milkshake at Skyline Drive In.

There were lots of trips to the high school this week for Leigh Anne working on Grad Night Party decorations. The committee was transforming the high school into a castle. We built a huge facade on the front of the school that looked like a castle - they entered through a tunnel and then walked through the gates of the castle where 3 princes stood guard. There were hundreds of twinkle lights hung from the cafeteria ceiling and hundreds of stars - the school looked great!

Wednesday night we arrived at the school at 5:30 to watch Cali's ballroom group perform. They did the quick step.

After that we headed down the hall to the auditorium for the end of the year choir concert. Both girls sang in it. It was a bittersweet night as it was Cali's last high school concert.

After the concert they had "A Little Night Music" - kids are able to perform solo or groups numbers. Cali sang a solo called "Shy" from Princess and the Pea. Five hours later we left the school! It was a long night but a good one for a couple of proud parents!

She and Jameson also performed a duet - they sang 'My New Philosophy" from Charlie Brown. They were darling!

Thursday evening was the Senior Reception hosted by the teachers for the students and their parents.

Friday was Senior Assembly where they practice walking in for graduation and where they will sit. Cali was 27th from the end! Her class has over 600 in it - the largest ever in the state.
She received her silver shawl or whatever they call it for her Honor's Diploma, a silver tassle for completing her CIM , a silver cord for National Honor Society and a gold cord for being an Honor Thespian. Cantores also sang at the Assembly. She was well decorated.

Saturday - we prayed for good weather and had a beautiful day for Cali and Hannah's graduation party. We had a double celebration for their friends and neighbors. A friend of mine put together a darling DVD of all the pictures we have of Cali and Hannah together since they were 3 - it was a real tear jerker. We used the music from Toy Story - "You've got a friend in me" and the song "For Good" from Wicked.

Saturday night was the Academy Awards for the theater department. We all attended - even Logan who flew home Friday night. It was so good to have him home!.

Tessa had her first date to the awards ceremony - her brother! And of course Cali's date was Jameson.

I was in charge of organizing the food for the after party -but kept it super easy and just did Costco food - sushi, buffalo wings, croissant sandwiches, turkey wraps, fruit, and I did dip strawberries in chocolate. Had other parents bring desserts.

Cali's one act won for 'Best One Act" which was fun - especially since Tessa had been in it. Cali also sang a solo number as part of the program. Cali had worked super hard the past month on two slide presentations for the awards night - one was the year in review for 2007-2008 and then she did a special DVD for all the seniors. She had gathered pictures of all of them for their 4 years in school and put it together to music and gave them each a copy.
Another highlight of the evening was when CJ (the theater director) was proposed to right on stage. Her boyfriend surprised everyone and walked right on stage , knelt down and asked her to marry him. He had been in contact with the set designer and as he walked on stage a sign came down that said 'Will You Marry me" Very romantic and very sweet and of course the kids all went crazy!

Sunday was our "day of rest" - taught my 3rd lesson in a row on Temple Marriage... not an easy task and then went to Seminary Graduation.

So are you tired yet? I am! It was an exhausting but wonderful week. I'll tell you about Graduation and the Grad Night All-Night party next week!!!


Clark said...

Since my Mom has forgotten about me this week I figured I would let everyone know what has been going on in my life. I went on a date Friday night that went well. We went out to eat at the Art City Trolley. For those of you in Utah County I highly recommend it. It's good food that is not too expensive and you get to eat it in a old trolley! After that we went to Jake's Archery in Orem. Fun date idea and if you go the hour before it closes and your date is good looking enough they give you half off. Needless to say I saved ten bucks. We then watched the movie Freedom Writers. A movie I recommend it for all of you that have not seen it. I spent my entire Saturday working on my history research paper. It is on Pinochet's economic policies during the 70's and how they have influenced modern Chilean society. So for any of you that were alive then and know anything about that any help would be greatly appreciated. Well that is all for this week. Heck maybe I'll just start my own blog.

Leigh Anne said...


I think you should start your own blog - I could even help you come up with a cute name - how about Clark's Cute Comments! Thanks for the update boy. I am running on 3 hours of sleep and can't be held responsible for anything I say, don't say, write or don't write!!
I am way too old to stay up all night! I couldn't even do it when I was younger. Love ya boy!

Anonymous said...

How about we call Clark's blog:

? I think that's a cute name!!

Leigh Anne said...

I like it!