Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ecola State Park - Indian Beach

We are enjoying some amazingly beautiful weather this week - in the 80's!!  I always thought that the Oregon schools should go through June and then have September off since our weather is so much nicer in September than in June!

Since we had such nice weather my group of hiking friends thought we should head to the coast and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

We had a wonderful hike but unfortunately for us the sunshine was only in Portland - not at the coast.  We found fog and a little drizzle at the beach.

We went to Ecola State Park and hiked down to Indian Beach - a new hike for me.  Despite the fog it was still beautiful - how can the Oregon Coast not be beautiful.

We hiked through some beautiful wooded areas with lots of amazing viewpoints along the way.

Indian Beach is a popular spot for surfers and there was a group there that day - wet suits and all.

We enjoyed our lunch down on the beach and then did some exploring of the tide pools.

One of the gals 75 year old neighbor joined us - she was amazing.  She had no problems keeping up with all us young girls!!


Anonymous said...
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Sheree McLean said...

Gorgeous!! I would love to take my family to visit Oregon one day!

Tamara said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery. All the family can't wait to come and visit next summer!

Michelle Wilkes said...

Speaking of the Oregon coast, we are hearing rumors that there will be a Wilkes Family reunion there next summer. How can I confirm that? We have a very long ways to travel so might need to start making plans for extra time off to drive, or saving lots of money to fly. Who should I ask? (or are we being left out of the loop on purpose? j/k)