Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mystery Solved

On Saturday Cali called to tell me she had red spots all over her back and some on her arms - about the size of a pencil eraser.

I went through the whole list of typical questions.

Do they itch?
Do they hurt?
Did you change your soap?
Did you eat something different?
Have you been rolling around in the grass?

Her answer to each of the questions was no.

She had been sick last week with a mild fever so wondered if it was a reaction to the fever.

She was on her way to the BYU football game and I knew David and Tricia were probably going to be there so I called them to see if they would meet up with Cali and have nurse Tricia take a look.

Tricia looked and thought it looked like chicken pox - yikes!  Cali has already had chicken pox but it is possible to get it twice.  We would have to wait and watch and see if they blistered.

Sunday morning Cali said the spots were still there.  She and her roommates were going to have dinner at the Stanley's house.  Their son - Elder Stanley is currently a missionary in our ward and last year Bro. Stanley was a member of the girl's ward Bishopric.  I have talked to Sister Stanley on the phone so I called her.  I thought if there was any chance she had the chicken pox I had to make sure they had had them already and she wouldn't be exposing anyone. 

They had had them and Sister Stanley is a nurse so she said she would look at them too.
She called me after dinner to tell me she thought it looked like some kind of allergic reaction.

And then I logged onto Cali's Facebook page.

And I found these...

Pictures of my daughter and her friends and roomies covered in BLUE foam!  And I remembered - I remember that last year about this time Cali had called me with a rash all over her torso.  Just a few days after she had been rolling around in BLUE foam!!

I am really not sure what the BLUE foam is all about but I think it has something to do with Homecoming/BYU spirit etc.

I guess on Saturday when Cali called me about her rash she had forgotten that she had been rolling around in BLUE foam - forgotten that last year when she rolled around in BLUE foam she broke out in a rash!
So now we know - Cali is allergic to BLUE foam!!

Wondering if we should start listing that on her medical forms under allergies - BLUE foam!

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Tamara said...

Happy you solved the mystery. You will KNOW next year what it is. . . .THANKS FOR SHARING!