Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BYU Blues

I guess enough time has passed by now that we can finally talk about it.

BYU lost on Saturday and they lost bad!

It was a sad day for many members of the Wilkes' family. It was a sad day for Jim as he watched the game from his nice comfy red leather chair at home.

It was a sad for Logan who proceed to wallow in his sorrows the rest of the day (we're sorry Jenesse) and then he drowned his sorrows by grilling up some good eats Saturday night.
It was not quite as sad a day for Clark because he sold his tickets for some cold hard cash and then used a friends ticket to go to the game!
Despite the loss Cali had a fun time. As she walked into the game she was excited to see Elder Holland who said hello to her and her group.
They enjoyed some yummy shaved ice.

And then they got to see what happened when you asked a group of Marines or are they Army guys to flex!

Her friend Brittany was down for the weekend from BYU-I so they had fun together even though BYU lost!

Cali and friends.

Two of her roomies... Where was Lizzie?Despite the loss we still are True Blue fans - Go Cougars!!

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Tamara said...

Yes, the game was pretty sad, sad, sad! But we still yell GO COUGARS! Their first game was such a miracle and a shocker to the whole world!