Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting Ready

Getting ready for Homecoming took the better part of today.  Tessa spent a little bit of time over at the work party at school but then headed home to start the getting ready process.

We found out yesterday Tessa was in charge of the decorations for a Stake Youth Halloween/service project that was today.  She was a little too stressed and busy getting ready for the dance so Jim and I grabbed some of my Halloween decor, bought a bunch of pumpkins at the grocery store and got two dozen orange and black balloons from Party City and headed over to the Stake Center while she showered.

Our friend Jenn, who is a makeup artist arrived at 1:30 to do her makeup.

Jenn did a great job and highlighted Tessa's natural beauty!

 Then it was on to the hair! Tessa had had her bangs cut and reshaped earlier in the week and decided to just wear her hair down - nothing fancy - just her natural, beautiful self!

 The finished project - gorgeous!!

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