Monday, January 18, 2010

National Championship Football

I need to do a little catch up on the college kids - o.k. so I'm not sure what to call Logan.  Technically he's not in college anymore but it sounds funny to say working kid so I'm just going to refer to the three of them as the college kids!! Any other suggestions?  Guess I could just call him Logan!

On Jan. 7th Logan, along with his roommates Lane and Mark and Mark's sister Annalece flew down to LA to attend the National Championship Football game at the Rose Bowl. 

A big thank you to their friend Alane Fraser who made it all possible! 

They were there to support and cheer on Alabama.  Logan even had his Alabama, houndstooth hat on!

As you can imagine they had an amazing time.  Logan was in heaven!!

It was fun to watch a game in such a historic venue as the Rose Bowl almost as good as being in Yankee Stadium!

It was a real celebration when Alabama won!

They toured around LA in this fun little convertible...

They got to spend Friday at Disneyland - a big thank you to Lane's friend who bought their tickets for them!!

And then on Saturday they headed down to Santa Monica Pier before they headed to the airport.

This was one trip Logan won't soon forget!

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Tamara said...

WOW! What a fun time! Grateful you have so many awesome friends and relatives to hook you up! Good Luck in the new job, Logan!