Friday, October 22, 2010

Thongs Being Delivered

So someone is asking Tessa to Homecoming.  The only problem is we don't know who it is.

Today, in three of her classes a different item was delivered.

First, a holey sponge with the word brain written on it.

Second, a wooden heart

Third, a wooden lion with the word courage written on it.

Are you seeing a theme yet?

The theme for Homecoming is The Wizard of Oz.  Tessa found out that a pair of ruby slippers were suppose to be delivered to her also but since she was in seminary that hour they didn't get to her.  In the slippers is the name of the person who is asking her to Homecoming!  Guess we will just have to wait until tomorrow.

So what does thongs being delivered have to do with all of this??

I texted Cali this afternoon to tell her Tessa was being asked to Homecoming.  I also texted her that "thongs were being delivered."  I meant to say "things are being delivered"  But thanks to my amazing texting skills and bad eye sight I made a typo.

Cali called Tessa this evening to ask her why "thongs were being delivered" to Tessa?  We just cracked up laughing when we realized my typo!    So no, Tessa did not have any thongs delivered to her in class today - just "things"  but we sure got a good laugh out of it!!


Melinda said...

Some young man is very creative! Patient, too.
The typo story is memorable and hilarious!

Tamara said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Hope the last "thong" gets delivered so you know who the secret person is! Thanks for keeping us so up to date. Wish we could join you for the "Mummies Night Out." Sounds like so much fun!