Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

Sunday night we invited our empty nester friends, the Jensens, over to join us for a little empty nester pumpkin carving.

We introduced them to a few new pumpkin carving techniques. 

The first one is power tools...

Jim loves any excuse to use a power tool and pumpkin carving is one of them.  Marsha wasn't too sure about the whole thing - but it works great!
 Jim and Larry got the job of cleaning all the goo out of the pumpkins!

The second pumpkin carving tool we introduced them too were those cool pumpkin carving patterns you can buy.  Just trace the pattern on and carve away.

I made a batch of yummy cinnamon sugar raised doughnuts and apple cider for treats.
Jim warned them that they would have to follow the Wilkes family tradition and sit on the floor in front of your freshly carved pumpkin.  The best part of it all was watching Jim try to get down on the floor!

We are grateful for good friends. 


Tamara said...

Never thought of using power tools for carving. The donuts look lovely. Great friends are such a blessing!

Patti said...

The last couple of posts put a big grin on my face, so I had to leave a comment. I'm super impressed with the pumpkin carving, regardless of whether or not you used a cheat sheet, and the donuts look divine.
Evidently, Logan is too old for all things Halloween.

Cristine Douglas said...

This is so amazing. I wish we can also have a hallowee pumpkin carving party. Too bad friends more of gory and scary halloween party. Simple yet lovely designs. Cheers!

Happy Halloween
- Cristine
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