Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Social Etiquette

Last week Tessa was in a One Act at school.  The name of their one act was Social Etiquette.  Basically she was a fashion school student who goes to the apartment of a fellow student.  She thinks the guy is gay so isn't worried about anything but he's not and he wants to put the moves on her.

  His strange and eccentric parents live there and lots of crazy things happen - a little random but funny!  There is some strange noises, dancing on the couch and fruit throwing!

Here's some photos from the show.

Then the crazy parents come out to play!!


Emily said...

I love her faces! Looks like a very fun show.

Jim Wilkes said...


You were awesome

Love you DAD

Tamara said...

Look like you had a fun time. Thanks for the great pictures!!!!!