Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Part One

You may have noticed quite a few blog posts from me today - I am using blogger as an avoidance behavior today! 

Good thing we had a lot going on this last week so I have something to blog about or I might have to clean the house or something!!!

I mentioned my families attachment to tradition...  well for the last 25 years the Easter Bunny has left a web of string at our house for the kids to follow to their Easter basket treats.  He also did this at my house when I was growing up thus the tradition continues.

Ready to start the hunt!
The Easter Bunny (aka Jim) gets pretty creative at our house as to where he hides/hangs the candy!  She needed a little help getting this one down!
I thought Mr. Easter Bunny was quite clever with this one - hiding Tessa's new Easter bonnet in the garage with all of Jim's baseball hats!

Some candy and a new hat and scarf!

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