Monday, April 5, 2010

Conference Weekend

We enjoyed a  relaxing, inspirational weekend listening to Conference and enjoying a yummy Easter dinner.

There was a lot of this going on at our house - snuggling on the couch with a quilt!
I did make a big mistake though - I forgot how attached to tradition my children are - especially Tessa.  I guess I ALWAYS make cinnamon rolls for General Conference.

Cali even continued the tradition at college this weekend and sent us a picture of her delicious looking cinnamon rolls she made!  Very impressive.

Well, I didn't make cinnamon rolls and believe me I will never make that mistake again.
I did make some pretty yummy orange pancakes with orange syrup though!
But it just wasn't the same!
There was also a lot of this going on ....note taking
I loved all the talks and sessions but I think Saturday morning was my favorite.  Way to go Julie Beck!!  I also loved Elder Ballard's talk to the mothers and daughters.  Can't wait to read them all again!

While Jim went to Priesthood meeting Tessa and I had a girl's night out with my friends Marsha and Chris (Chris is also our dentist!)
We pretended we were in NYC and went downtown to a fun Jewish Deli - Kenny & Zukes where Tessa and I split a yummy PLT - Pastrami, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich and some latkes!  Yum!

Other Conference happenings....
Clark drove up to Idaho Falls Uncle David and family to watch conference and visit with Grandma and Grandpa Wilkes

Cali had tickets to the Saturday morning session and went up with some of her roommates.  She watched the other sessions at home and then went to Wynn and Emily's for Easter dinner and the afternoon session.
Logan watched at home and then attended Priesthood with Mark, Randy and Ross Boothe.  He also went to the Boothe's home in Spanish Fork for Sunday a.m. and then out to Wynn and Emily's for Sunday afternoon.

Love this cute picture of Logan and Addi taking in the afternoon session!!

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