Friday, October 10, 2008

Homecoming Week at BYU

Here's the banner that was on the front page of the Daily Universe advertising Homecoming Spectacular - that's our Logan boy - third from the left!

Cali went to the show Thursday night and Clark had a date and went tonight. Wish we could have been there to see it.

It is Homecoming week at BYU this week and Cali got into the festivities big time. She hiked the Y on Wednesday night and screwed in one of the lightbulbs to light the Y. Logan's roommate's band played for the big party so Logan was there to film it. Cali got to meet Cosmos in person too!

Then the next day Cali participated in a great big slip n slide covered in BLUE foam. Two days later she is still somewhat blue! I think she is having TOO MUCH FUN!!!
Clark - send your mother some pictures or at least post them on your facebook and I will share on the blog - would like to see your handsome face!!!
Love you kids!! Your tickets home for Christmas are booked - yeah!!! Thank goodness for frequent flier miles!!!!

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ashley said...

Cali is definitely living it up at BYU! Looks like she's having tons of fun :)