Sunday, February 5, 2012


In January Jim and I got a little involved politically.  Our Congressional District was having a special election to replace a Congressman who was ousted from Congress - bad dude!

Rob Cornilles was running as the Republican (a difficult thing to do where we live).  Rob is a good man and also the grandson of Tom Emmett who is in our ward.  Jim home teaches the Emmett's.  We spent a little time helping out.  Jim went to the call center several times and made calls to remind people to vote and I went with him once.

Working the phones was an interesting experience and we got to talk to all kinds of people.  The majority were very nice but a lot of them were getting tired of being called.  The trick to not getting so many political calls is to vote early.  Usually, once you have voted, your name is taken off the list - so vote early!!!

I also spent part of a Saturday afternoon outside a local grocery store reminding people to vote and asking them to consider Rob.

Our neighbor Caitie Osborne was working as one of Rob's interns so she encouraged us to get involved!

Unfortunately Rob lost  but at it was fun to get a little involved and support him!

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