Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Sunday!

We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny Saturday.  It was heaven.  It felt like it had been so long since we had seen the sun.  Sunday mornin, though we woke up to pouring down rain again.

Not only did we wake up to rain but I looked out the front window and I discovered this...

A perfectly flat tire on the Suburban.  A nail had gotten it and flatten the tire.  Fortunately it didn't happen while we were driving it like last time!!

Jim got out the old rain boots and rain slicker and headed out to change it.  Whoever put the tire on did a really good job and Jim was having a really hard time getting the bolts off.  He thought maybe he would have to call AAA.
But fortunately neighbor Tom came to the rescue.  He brought over his wrench and went to work on it.

It was hard work but they were finally able to get the tire off!

Here's Jim informing Tom that he is probably going to make the blog!!!
Thanks Tom - we love our neighbors!!!

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Tamara said...

One of my biggest fears while driving is getting a flat tire. I have never change one by myself--although Celeste did once for me while we were traveling to a ballgame. But I am not always fortunate to have my husband or children with me. We are grateful you were not driving when this happened.