Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beach Babes and their Boys Valentine DiThnner

The host's with the most - Shauna and Merrill Watts once again hosted our annual Valentine dinner.

What a feast we had.

Patrice volunteered to bring steaks and man did she bring steaks.  They were gorgeous.  I haven't had a piece of meat like this in a long time!
The boys did a fine job of grilling them to perfection!

The table was lovely as always and there was a hand dipped strawberry at each place.
 Of course there were delicious appetizers.  I loved the brie layered with pears and nuts in a pastry shell - so good!

 I had my first bok choy.  They just put some olive oil on it and grilled it - so good!

 April brought a lovely pasta salad with lots of fresh herbs from her garden.

 The plate of food was a masterpiece.  The little carrot bundles were amazing and there was even a thin character stick tied into a knot!  But I thought the potatoes were the most amazing!  You may think those are mushrooms on the plate  - but they are not.  Merrill cut the potatoes into the shape of mushrooms.  Chef Merrill the extraordinaire!

 There were lots of yummy beverages too (of the non-alcoholic variety of course)
 I was in charge of dessert.  I made a white chocolate whip cream/chocolate mousse cake.  It was a disappointment I thought.  Not nearly good enough for the amount of time it took to make.  But at least it looked cute with the little cake bunting I made for it.
It was a wonderful evening.  Good food, good friends and as always lots of good conversation when the Beach Babes get together!  How grateful I am for these women who have been an important part of my life for a long time!!

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Tamara said...

Yummy, yummy food. Thanks for sharing! So grateful you have lots of friends to share fun times.