Thursday, July 22, 2010

Traveling Tessa

OK so I've been blogging my brains out the last two days posting pictures from our family reunion.  Deleting, editing etc.   I hope someone out there is enjoying them?  Anybody out there?  Leave a comment and let me know if you are!!  Am I the only one reading this blog???

Tessa got her turn for a photo shoot too.  She chose the suitcase.

I love these shots of her. 

Where is she going?

Is she coming or going?


Wynn Jr. said...

I like pictures.

And Tessa is definitely going - if she was coming her pants would be wet from her submarine exit.

Anonymous said...

Um...yah! Enough said! Hot digity dog Tess. You are gorgeous!

chersten said...

Leigh Anne,

I have been enjoying the pictures. They've made me sorry I couldn't be there! It looks like you all had fun.


Emily said...

I am finally reading!!! Beautiful Tessa, beautiful. Do we really have to wait 3 more years to do this?

lauraleereber said...

We were a little late looking, but we have loved all the pictures and comments. What an amazing vacation we will never forget!! We are excited for our next one.