Friday, July 23, 2010

Polar Bear Swim

On Tuesday morning Clark organized a Polar Bear Swim.  A Polar Bear Swim takes place at 6:30 a.m. in the morning and you jump into the freezing cold ocean.  Don't ask me why you would want to do this other than you could then say you did it.  I can't imagine there is ANYTHING enjoyable about this!!!

Clark went down a little early and got a fire going so they could warm up afterwards.

Just a note:  I did not take these photos.  I did not get anywhere near this event.  I stayed at home in my nice warm bed.  Thanks to Celeste for taking them!!

The crazies begin to arrive - The Reber/Hogsett house is first!

 Here comes the Wynn Wilkes house!
and then our house...

Here they are - the whole group of crazies together!!!
And there they go.....

I love the hand holding - some real bonding time!!
Just like a little row of ducklings, one after another....

And here they come back out of again.  That didn't take too long!

I love the look on David's face!!!  And then there is Kalin's face.  I think that says it all!!

David gets the award for being the OLDEST person to attend the Polar Bear Swim....

Heading back to get warm!!

What a bunch of crazies!!

I guess from the looks of it this was the First Annual Polar Bear Swim. 

Number One!

and P for Polar Bear Swim....

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Emily said...

Can't say that I am sad that I missed it, but I may go WATCH next time!