Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gone with the Wind

Jayna was at the family union  solo - no Tom.  She had two of her boys with her, Kalin and Aaron but Tom and McKay had to stay home and work - so sad!  We missed them.

Jayna wanted her picture taken in The Chair too.  She was reading Gone with the Wind and thought it would be fun to be sitting in the chair, in the water reading.  I love it!

I think she thought it was a good idea until this happened....

then it was a little cold and wet!


Anonymous said...

Tom truly missed out on this photo shoot! Jayna was rockin' it with her book and just chillin' in the water! Too fun!

dawn nelson said...

Gone with the Water! I love the chair idea Leigh Anne. So I didn't know you could go the the dump and find chairs. How does that work? Olivia has been garage sale shopping for a chair to use in shoots. it has to fit in her car. what did you do with it after? did you have to pay the dump again?

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...


The Manzanita dump has a thrift shop they run alongside the dump . Sell things people send to the dump that are in decent condition. Chair was $9.00.

We broke a leg off the chair while we were using it so they charged me a dollar to take it back. If I hadn't broken the leg I could have dropped it off for free.