Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family of Six!

I have tons of photos to share from the family reunion - I think I took over 2,000!  But I still need to do some deleting and editing.

We arrived home from the beach Friday afternoon.  Wynn and Emily and family came home with us.  They spent Friday night with us before they headed down to Medford to see some friends on the way home.

We had some hamburgers left from the beach so we had a BBQ Friday night.  We invited the Osborne's over to join us.  It was fun to just sit outside in the backyard, relax and talk.  The boys (Jim, Logan, Clark and Wynn) all went to a movie at 9:45 p.m.  They saw Inception and loved it.  It was a long movie though and they didn't get home until after 1:00 a.m.!

Saturday morning Wynn and Emily and family got up and headed down to Medford and our family went out to breakfast.  Clark had seen an episode of Man vs. Food that featured a restaurant here in Portland called The Stepping Stone Cafe.  We had to check it out and Clark had to try their Smothered BA Omelet (I'll let you guess what BA stands for) 

One thing is for sure it was big!  It was filled with chicken fried steak, hash browns, onions, fresh jalapenos, cheese and topped with Country Gravy.

The thing was huge but he ate it all - I guess he could be on Man vs. Food!!

I had the Man Cakes or rather I should say Man Cake.  I only had one because one is this big!!!

There was a table of guys across from us and they ordered a full stack which is three - I think the guy ate one!  I managed to eat about 1/5 of my pancake!

The pancake was as big as my plate!

Tessa had some yummy cinnamon roll french toast and Cali had banana bread french toast.  Logan and Jim had egg scrambles. 

The best part of it though was we were all together...
So how many photos does it take to get a good one of two of my kids together???

The answer is three - after I yelled at them to stop making faces!!

After breakfast we headed over to the Portland Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh produce for dinner. 

Once we got home Logan headed out to the Nike Employee Store with a pass we had gotten from a friend. 

We had Grandma and Grandpa Best over for dinner that evening and enjoyed a fun game of chicken foot.

After we were done playing Clark went out to a Young Adult Dance and over to a friends to play Halo.  The rest of us watched Avatar.

The boys flew out Sunday morning and we miss them already!!!

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Tamara said...

THANKS again and again for all you did to make the reunion such a success! Now wish all of you were here to help us move this week. But in a week everything will be moved to the new place. We love you! What a breakfast!