Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reber/Hogsett Family

Here are some fun family shots we got of The Reber/Hogsett Family.

Sadie and her brothers are so cute we almost didn't let their parents get in  a picture with them - but then we did
Travis and Lauralee Reber Family:

And then we decided the parents were cute enough to just have their picture taken by themselves!
Next was Ben and Michelle Buehler and their3 cute kids.   I loved all their blue.  Perfect for the beach.

Ashlee and Emmilee were so cute with the little blue suitcase.

I'm not sure how they keep up with Brigham!

Somehow we didn't get any photos of just Michelle and Ben together - I think they were busy chasing Brigham!

Next it was Mark and Celeste's turn!
And then Brad and Carena...

Last, but not least....Tamara and Richard....


Anonymous said...

So glad I went back to older posts to see all of these fun pictures. We will have to get the rest of the photos from you sometime. Leigh Anne you did an amazing job. What a talent you have and share.

Emily said...

These are some amazing pictures! Love them all.