Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Reunion - Sunday

Sunday morning we all got up and headed north to Seaside to attend church.  We decided to go to the Seaside Ward instead of the branch in  Rockaway that we usually go to because if all 55 of us showed up at church there we would fill the room!

We made a nice dent in the overflow section of the Seaside Ward.  Tessa's Seminary teacher is the Bishop of the Seaside Ward.

This is what happens when church is 30 minutes away!

After church we headed over to the Pine Grove Community Center which we had rented for a 60th Anniversary Celebration.  Everyone pitched in to get it set up for the big party.

Wynn and Teresa were in charge of dinner that day and we had a yummy buffet of roast, potatoes, carrots, watermelon, salad, rolls and brownie sundaes for dessert.

 I cut some flowers from our backyard and the side of the road to help make things look a little more festive and pretty.

Grandma had brought all kinds of fun treasures to raffle off.  There were baby quilts and tableclothes she had made.  I won a tablecloth (yeah) and Logan won a beautiful cross stitched baby quilt.

And there were some fun coin collections too as well as other things.

Here's Grandma giving us instructions on how the raffle works

Wynn conducted the program. 

All the men/boys were able to give Grandma and Grandpa a Priesthood Blessing.  Jim was the voice for Grandpa and David for Grandma.  A very special experience..

Tamara and Jayna also shared some special childhood memories and thoughts about their parents.

It was so nice to have all the siblings involved in the program.  After that Grandma and Grandpa were presented with a special book that Jayna had organized and put together.  Each of us had submitted a photo and short bio about ourselves and Jayna had them printed in a book - of course Grandma and Grandpa loved it.  We were all able to order copies too.

We enjoyed being together and spending the Sabbath together as a family.  I love this picture of the 3 boys

and the little girls...

and this cute kid....

 In addition to all the celebrating there was a little napping going on too!

A special day for two special people - we love you Grandma and Grandpa!!


Emily said...

I hope we all remember how sweet and tender that day was! To see the circle of Wilkes Priesthood holders brings tears to my eyes still. We are so blessed.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you think the tables in a W made all the difference in the day?!?

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

Yes Wynn, they were amazing. They just set the tone for the whole program! Thank you! I will never forget them!