Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Reunion - Going Crabbing

One of the highlights of a trip to the beach is always crabbing.

Monday most of the group headed down to Jetty Fishery to spend the morning crabbing

.  The weather started out a little rough, overcast, cold, drizzly but it improved as the morning went on.

A few of us stayed behind to tend Ellie and Grandma.  We made a trip into Wheeler to the antique mall instead!

I think the Wilkes group just about took over Jetty Fishery!

I think they ended up with 7 boats.  They divided up into groups and headed out!

They were even able to bungee cord Mark's chair into the boat so he could go along!
They made a decent haul of crab and brought it back to have it cooked and then eat!

After it was cooked they all dug in!

Baker had a life altering experience while out crabbing but we won't talk about it here.....

A fun and successful morning!


Emily said...

I'm going to the antique mall next time!

Michelle Wilkes said...

Um, I can't beleive that I even have to mention this- but it seems like it got left off your post.
But, our boat (Michelle, Justin, Caleb, Jacob, Chauncey, and Mikira) caught THE MOST (5) crabs!!! We just let everyone else borrow the crabs to take pictures with.
Pretty sure we should get some kind of award for that.
And I thought it was the hight light of the trip (minus the smell)

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

Michelle - you are right that does deserve high mention. In fact I think that is the most crabs anyone has ever caught anytime we've gone crabbing. You hold the record!!