Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Wilkes Boys

Jim has two brothers, one older and one younger.  He also has an older and a younger sister.  Jim is a middle child.  Maybe that explains a few things......

Big Wynn is Jim's oldest brother.  Jim had high hopes of being "big" like his older brother  (6 foot 7 inches)  When he hit 5'10" in the 8th grade he thought he was going to make it but he didn't.  He hasn't grown since the 8th grade!    So there's no Big Jim for him - just Jim. 

Here is Big Wynn and  Tiny Teresa who is the mother of 13 children!

David is Jim's younger brother.  The thing that really struck me during the reunion was how much David and Jim look alike, as they have gotten older and grayer the resemblance just increases.  Two good looking men!

Here are David and Tricia:

We love Tricia, especially she always manages to keep us entertained and laughing!!

Thanks to Celeste for taking the photos of Jim and I.

And I have no explanation for this picture - none.  My kids made me promise I wouldn't delete it.  I think they liked it.  Hope this isn't how they'll remember me after I am gone!!

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Emily said...

I love these pictures of Wynn and Teresa! good job on the shirt :) We have some beautiful people in our family.