Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hula Hoopers!

For some reason Jim put the hula hoops in the car before we headed to the beach.  It's not a normal thing we usually take to the beach but I'm glad he did.

The hula hoops were quite popular - especially with Jacky and Addi!

 Look at Miss Jacky go!

And Miss Jacky and Miss Addi were so cute together!

And Miss Addi by herself - o.k. so I went overboard on the pictures of her but she was so cute!!!
Even Clark got in on some of the action!

How long can you hula hoop?


Tamara said...

Fun, fun pictures! Thanks for helping us capture so many wonderful memories.

Emily said...

Not as long as I could before I had kids :) This memory is one of my personal favorites! Thank you for having your camera. I loved that the last thing put away at your house before leaving was the hula hoops!!