Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Sadie

One of my other big purchases at the dump while at the beach was an old blue suitcase.  I was so excited when I saw it and it was only $3.00.  I thought it would be the perfect prop for some photos on the beach.

My girl's fell in love with their little cousin Sadie.  I have to say I did too.  She was the perfect model.

I think this is one of my favorite photos I took all week - and I took a lot (over 2,000)

We wanted to take her home with us!!


Emily said...

I want her to live closer to us so she can rub off some of her sweetness onto my girls. We love Sadie!

lauraleereber said...

We are now just sitting down looking at your blog. We are so impressed with all the pictures and time you have spent doing this. Sadie felt pretty special to see all these pictures of her. We wish we were closer too. We love hanging out with the Wilkes! Thank you!!