Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Reunion Day One

Family began arriving Thursday evening.   Wynn, Emily and kids were the first to arrive and we treated them to a dinner of gourmet pizza (not really - it was Papa Murphy's). Grandma and Grandpa Wilkes, Jayna, Kalin and Aaron were next to arrive Thursday evening.  They spent the evening at our house and Wynn and family had a hotel. 

We finished up some shopping on Thursday with one last trip to Costco on the way out of town.  David and family  had flown in and we caravaned with them to the beach.

The weather was beautiful and we had to stop to take in the view of Manzanita from the top of the hill.

We got checked into the three houses, started dinner and everyone else began to arrive.
David and Tricia were in charge of dinner Friday night and it was Costco lasagna, garlic bread, salad, brownie bites and upside down cake.

It was so fun to see everyone as they arrived.  Especially those we hadn't seen in quite a while.
My girls began an instant love affair with some of their younger cousins.  Especially little Carter Man!

Poor little Addi wasn't feeling so well.

After dinner we headed down to the beach for some fun.  It was perfect weather.  No wind!!
The brave ones even got wet!
I absolutely LOVE this picture of Nikki!!!
Of course there was a game of soccer on the beach too!  Do the Wilkes boys ever go anywhere without a ball and a ball game???

The fun was beginning and we were loving having so much family together!!
Welcome to the Wilkes family Kendra!  Marcus and Kendra were married just a month or so ago!  I loved that Grandpa was wearing the sweatshirt I had made for him 20 years ago!!!  I made it in 1989 - the year Cali was born.  Her footprint on the shirt was so tiny!!
Just hanging out, chillin on the beach - nothing better!

Matthew and Caden found this great pole and had fun lugging it around the beach!

And then there was the amazing sunset we got to watch!

It just got better and better!!

And Jacky and Tessa had a fun time jumping!

What is an evening at the beach without a bonfire!?

And then Baker kept us entertained with his amazing stomach gyrations!
A perfect beginning to a wonderful week with family!  The fun begins!

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Emily said...

Addi was not feeling good, and I'm glad I didn't know at the time what I was missing after dinner! For some reason I just assumed you all went in your bedrooms too :) What a beautiful sunset. I used to love watching My Wynn roll his stomach also! He won't do it anymore :(