Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Chair

I had an idea.

The idea was actually born when I was in Utah a few months ago and was looking at a wedding invitation David and Tricia had received.  The couple were sitting on an upholstered chair - the trick was the chair was in the ocean.  Waves crashing around them.  I loved the idea.  So fun and unique and so unexpected!!

My idea was to recreate a similar type of scene at the family reunion and to take family pictures on the beach with a chair!

I think everyone thought I was crazy.  I know there are members of the family that already thought I was crazy and wierd but I think I just confirmed it with them!

When I asked Jim to take me to the dump in Manzanita he just shook his head.  The dump has a thrift shop where they sell some of the more useable items that are brought to the dump.  I was excited to see what I could find.

I was even more excited when I found this chair....

In all it's orange, gold and green crushed velvet loveliness. It was perfect, right out of the 1960's.  I could just see it, sitting on the sand, the golden rays of the sun setting behind it.  I know - crazy!!

The best part?  The chair was on sale.  Marked down from $18 to $9.00.  What a bargain!!

But you know what?  It worked.  It was perfect and we got some fun and amazing family pictures down on the beach with it - there are so many good ones I am having a hard time picking which ones to share here on the blog!!!


dawn said...

Oh, I read the new blog posts and if I would have read the older ones I would have answered the chair questions. I LOVE the photos and the families must have been thrilled. Great christmas presents if you printed and framed some.

Emily said...

The chair was more fun that I could have ever imagined!