Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Road Trip

Early Friday morning (6:00 a.m.) to be exact Cali, Tessa, Hannah and I hit the road to take Cali back to school.

We were driving Jim's car since the Suburban will no longer make it over the mountains.  We were packed full.  Fortunately we had several other friends headed to Utah who were able to take several of Cali's boxes since only her suitcase and one box would fit in our car.

We made it through Portland before rush hour traffic and were greeted with an amazing sunrise!
Mt. Hood was amazing!

No worries - I wasn't taking the pictures as I drove.  Hannah was being the cameraman in the back seat!

We all took turns driving which was great!

We were excited to finally hit the Utah state line!
We arrived in Utah about 7:30 p.m.  Thanks to Wynn and Emily for letting us stay with them!

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