Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Twirling Girls

I made Jacky and Addi a little surprise - twirly skirts!
I had some fun fabrics left over from the aprons I had made for girl's camp and they were just begging to be made into a cute little twirly skirt! 

I just happen to know two little girls who would look just perfect in them so I took them with me to Utah.

I was right - aren't they darling!!!
I think every little girl, and maybe every big girl, needs a skirt they can twirl in!!
Thanks for being such cute little models Jacky and Addi!!
Happy twirling girls!!
PS - no worries.  I didn't make Ward a twirly skirt.  Instead he got a copy of Redwall which was Clark's favorite book when he was Ward's age.  I understand Ward is enjoying it as much as Clark did!

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