Wednesday, September 1, 2010

College Girl - First day of School.

It is almost impossible for me to come to terms with the fact that I now have two sons that are graduated from college and a daughter who is a junior in college!  I guess the one good thing about it is that this year we only have ONE child in college!!!  And we are so proud of her - she was just given a full tuition scholarship.  She has had half tuition the last two years and we were delighted when this year they decided to give her a full tuition scholarship.  A tender mercy for our family right now.

After arriving in Provo/Orem Friday night we got Cali all moved in Saturday morning.  We gathered things up that were scattered all over Provo.  The things she had stored at Wynn and Emilys, the two suitcases Logan had brought back with him, the box that the Jensen's took in their car and the two boxes Brian had brought in his truck!

We headed over to her new apartment at Monticello.  An older apartment complex but one that is right across from South Campus so very convenient.  It is suppose to be a great complex with great wards so she is excited.

She did not know any of her roommates so she was a little nervous but everything looks like it is going to be great!

After helping her unpack her clothes etc. we headed up to campus to buy her books.  The textbook industry sure is a racket - one book cost $150.00!!!!  Cali has decided on Theater Education for her major so she will actually graduate with a teaching certificate.

Her room is all ready for her!

From there we headed to the grocery store to get her cupboards stocked and she was ready to go.

She had an early class on Monday - 8 a.m.  We picked her up during her break and headed to Cafe Rio for lunch!

Happy first day of school Cali!

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