Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Provo Food Adventures

I always have my list of favorite foods I need to eat while I am in Provo.  This trip I added a few new things to the list.

On Saturday we met Logan for lunch.  He had some gift certificates for Sammy's so we headed there for lunch.  I had only eaten there once before and fell in love with their pie shakes so I was excited to go back.
Their burgers are yummy and their sweet potato fries are the best.  I was excited to discover that in addition to pie shakes they now have cupcake shakes.  I couldn't resist!
I am so making a cupcake shake at home!!!  Logan had a strawberry cheesecake shake which was pretty amazing too!
Saturday night we tried out a new place - Cafe Paesan which was started by the owners of Cafe Rio.  It is an Italian Bistro.  The food was good but I think I will stick to Cafe Rio from now on.

We picked up dessert at my favorite place - The Chocolate.  I want to own that place.  We took slices of cake back to Wynn and Emily's with us to share.  We also stopped and picked up some Tillamook ice cream to go with it.

My favorite cake at The Chocolate is the Kitty Katrina - pure vanilla bliss!!!

Sunday we enjoyed a Wilkes family dinner at Wynn and Emily's (more on that in another post).

Monday we did a little shopping at Ikea and Tai Pan to pick up a few things for Cali and me, of course.  We then met Emily, Addi and Tricia at Cafe Rio for lunch.  Clark was able to meet us there too when he finished work.  I love that place!!

Emily had raved about Taco Amigo's fresh peach shakes and Monday was the first day they were available.  We decided to get one to share with the four of us - what a mistake.  It was so good we were fighting over it!!!
Monday dinner was Magleby's Fresh (Clark had some coupons)with both boys and in addition to dinner we enjoyed a piece of their amazing chocolate cake

and the warm, yummy Buttermilk Pie - we had two desserts and six forks!!\

Oh yeah - and there was that second trip to Taco Amigo at 10 p.m. at night for some more peach shakes!!

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