Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beach Weekend

I thought September was going to be a quiet, stay at home, kind of month.  Guess I forgot Jim was going to be in Utah one weekend, I was headed to Northern California with the Beach Babes one weekend (a post on that trip still coming) and then this weekend, at the last minute (Friday) we decided to head to the beach.

Jim was looking at the beach house calendar and realized it wasn't booked this weekend.  He asked if I wanted to go but I said that  Tessa had a babysitting job on Saturday.  Tessa then informed us that we should go because we needed to practice being empty nesters!  So we did.

We called our friends the Jensen's to see if they would be spontaneous with us at the last minute and they agreed and we are glad they did!  The weather forecast for the beach wasn't great - 70% chance of rain one day and 100% the next day but we went anyway. and we actually ended up with some decent weather.

We left about 4pm on Friday and arrived at the house in time for dinner (leftovers from the night before)  We went for a walk on the beach and then played some cards and ate M & M's and black licorice (they all ate black licorice, I hate black licorice.  I just ate M & M's)

Saturday we woke to no rain and a little peek through of the sun.  We headed to one of our favorite breakfast spots - Wanda's.  I love Wanda's and all it's retro/vintage charm!

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast.  I went for the granola with fresh strawberries and yogurt - so good and it gave me lots of energy for our hike!

While eating breakfast we struck up a conversation with the couple at the table next to us who were from Ohio but owned a home in Nehalem and were avid hikers.  They over heard us talking about hiking and suggested a hike for us and shared their great hiking book with us over breakfast.

We decided to take their advice and head to Short Sands Beach and hike out to Cape Falcon.  But before we did that we had to make a stop at the dump in Manzanita.  Now the Manzanita dump is just not any dump - it's a pretty dump!!

They also have a great thrift shop where they sell some of the things they get at the dump.  I always find some kind of treasure.  Remember The Chair I found this summer!?!?  This trip was no exception.  I found a great new bundt pan.  I've decided I want some new, more decorative shaped bundt pans.  Saw a cute idea on a blog I want to recreate.  Found one!

Jim found some old tools that will be perfect for sand castle building.  I also found some great old vintage books that I love to use in tablescapes etc. But the best find of the day was The Door.  Yes, we had The Chair and now we have The Door.

The only problem was the door is about 6 feet or longer and we were driving Marsha's small Volvo sedan.  Fortunately for us those Volvo designers are smart guys and the back seat flips down and there is an opening through the trunk so we just slid that puppy right in there!  I got to sit on Marsha's lap the rest of the way home.

I know what you are thinking.  Because it is probably the same thing that both Jim and Larry asked me when I showed them what I had bought - "What are you going to do with it?"  My response was "I don't know, but I'll find something"  I always do.  Marsha and I were throwing all kinds of fun ideas around.  I think I may hang it in the front entry way - May even hang a wreath on it.

The best thing about the door?  It only cost $1.50!!!

Front the dump we headed out hiking hoping the rain would stay away.  We started at Short Sands which is a very popular beach with surfers.  They were out there in force on Saturday but there weren't very many waves to be had.

It was a great, fairly easy to moderate hike.  The trail was pretty muddy because of the rain we had had so we ended up pretty muddy too.  We got rained on some during the hike but the downpour waited until later that afternoon fortunately.

The view from Cape Falcon was beautiful.
Jim and Marsha hiked a little farther around the bend and saw a rock covered with a 100 pelicans or so!
After the hike we went back to the house and dried off and then the boys went downtown to the Tavern to watch the OSU game and called Logan for updates on the BYU game.  Marsha and I hit the shops in Manzanita and went over to the antique mall in Wheeler where we found a few more treasures!

We got a pizza from Marzano's for dinner and took it back to the house where we ate and watched The Italian Job.

We headed home Sunday morning in time for church.  It was a very fun and relaxing weekend with good friends.

Tessa did fine home alone.  She went to the Westview football game Friday night (they lost) and two of her friends spent the night.  She had a babysitting job at 3pm until 10 p.m. on Saturday and then spent the night home alone.  She told me when we got home that she DOES NOT like being home alone!

Logan had spent the last part of the week and part of Saturday up at Snow Bird at a retreat with Corporate Alliance.  He had a beautiful view from his room and it was a successful weekend.

Clark continues to study hard for the LSAT which is coming up in a couple of weeks.  He also enjoyed a fun group date to the Utah State Fair.

Cali is continuing to adjust to her cast and her new little scooter which helps her get around campus better.  She was able to spend some time hanging out with friends, enjoyed a home cooked Indian dinner and a movie with friends.  Keep her in your prayers that her foot heals quickly and well!

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