Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beach Babes California Adventure - Day Three

Sunday morning it was time to head south back to Oakland to the airport.

We decided to have brunch in another small town that was on the way back to the freeway.  Fortunately for us we had discovered a much shorter and much less winding route back to the freeway!!!

We stopped in the town of Upper Lake at the Blue Wing.  What a treasure we found.  The atmosphere was wonderful and the food delicious and the best part was we found it in the middle of this no where town.  The last place I would expect to find a restaurant like this.  So fun!!

Brunch was delicious - I went for the fish tacos.  So good. 

Brunch came with mimosa's - we got ours virgin of course!

It was a perfect morning.  Wonderful atmosphere and scenery, delicious food, good conversation and beautiful friends!  The only bad part was we had to leave and head home!

We even had our own paparazzi!!
We decided to make at stop at Muir Woods on our way back to the airport. It was a busy place that day but after trying to find a parking spot for ten minutes or so we finally did.  We enjoyed a peaceful and beautiful walk through the woods.

The redwoods are BIG and BEAUTIFUL!
Finally, thanks to GPS we found an In n Out on the way to the airport and enjoyed dinner before boarding the plane home.

How grateful I am for these amazing women in my life.  The first Beach Babe outing occurred in March of 1994 - so the Beach Babes are celebrating 16 years of togetherness!!  Lots of life has happened in those 16 years - lots of unexpected twists and turns for all of us.  But through it all the bonds we share and the life and moments we have shared make us each stronger and better women. 

They are all incredibly strong women in different ways and the strength and fortitude they show through life's joys and sorrows is amazing!  I am better just for knowing them and being in their presence!
"Gentle ladies, you will remember till old age what we did together in our brilliant youth"

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