Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beach Babes California Adventure - Day One

Two weeks ago the Beach Babes headed to Northern California to celebrate Shauna's big FIFTY.  Her sweet husband Merrill had put this trip together.  He outfitted us with two convertibles and made us reservations at two condos.

We met at Shauna's early Friday morning and Merill chauffeured us to the Portland airport for our early morning flight.  April and Julie had outfitted us all with cat eye glasses and scraves (Thelma and Louise style)
When we arrived in Oakland we picked up TWO convertibles.  5 Beach and Babes and their bags just do not fit in ONE convertible.

I lucked out and got to be the designated driver for the blue mustang convertible.  It was a bit of a stressful job, especially through that city traffic but once we got out in the country it was great.   I think I look pretty good in blue.

Shauna drove the red convertible, can't remember what kind it was!

We headed North and enjoyed the beautiful wine country scenery on our way.

We were all starving and decided to look for an In n Out.  We saw a couple but too late to get off the freeway!  We arrived in Windsor where we were staying and headed over to Old Windsor for some lunch.  After lunch we browsed through the small quaint town and found a great candy shop.  The girl's had fun with all their Halloween stuff!

I found blue pop at the store - I remember drinking it as a kid!!

We enjoyed some gelato for dessert.

We then took a drive to drive through a Redwood park that was close by.  So beautiful and so BIG!!!
We had a pizza delivered to the condo for dinner and watched a movie - girl's night!!

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dawn said...

What a great trip! I love the glasses and scarves. I also like the idea of traveling outside of Oregon. I'll have to propose it instead of the usual beach weekend. My bunco group has been together for 15 years.