Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Beach Babes California Adventure - Day Two

Saturday we woke to another beautiful California day.  The weather is ALWAYS good when the Beach Babes are together!
 OK - so I might look a little silly but the scarf helped save the hair!!

We headed north in our convertibles, with the tops down of course, to the quaint town of Healdsburg.  We had fun window shopping and browsing through the many art galleries and shops.  The whole downtown area is built around a town square with gazebo in the middle - it reminded me of Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls!

There was lots of pretty to be found.

 They even had a fan museum in town!

From there we continued north and had lunch at Francis Ford Coppola's new winery. Some days he even shows up and cook sin the kitchen. It was fun looking at all the old movie memorabilia.  We enjoyed some delicious food and celebrated and toasted to Shauna's 50th birthday!

We then hit the road once again and wove our wave through a VERY windy mountain road to get to Nice, California, our next destination.  I was very glad I was driving so I didn't get car sick (sorry Patrice!)

Nice is a very small town, in the middle of no where!  As we entered town I saw a sign for Foster's Freeze which I remember from my early California days.  I was so excited.  The Beach Babes indulged me and I enjoyed a root beer freeze - yum!!!

We hit town in time to enjoy an amazing sunset over Clear Lake (the reason you go to Nice)

The end to another fun Beach Babe California Adventure!

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