Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

There was lots of food and lots of people for Thanksgiving dinner - 35 people to be exact.  Thanks to David and Tricia our gracious hosts for a fun and yummy day.

Before the eating began there was the official weigh- in.  Most of the kids and a few of the adults weighed themselves before they ate and after to see who would gain the most!

I chose not to participate :)!!

There was plenty of food with a ham and a turkey and all the fixins! Pots and pots of mashed potatoes and hundreds of homemade rolls!

Little cousin Carter especially enjoyed his meal!  Aren't those eyes amazing!!

And my cute boy

Here's Logan's plate - he didn't go hungry!!

And of course there was pie - lots of pie!!  Apple, Banana Cream, Key Lime, Pecan/Cranberry, Raspberry Cream, Lemon Truffle, Chocolate and apple dumplings!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one!!


Tamara said...

So who won the prize for gaining the most weight??????? All those pies make me hungry, hungry, hungry! Glad you were able to join with the family and that all has gone so well.

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

Cade won with a weight gain of 6 pounds! Eric was second.

Emily said...

Those eyes of Carters are amazing! Our family had a very happy thanksgiving and are grateful you joined us.