Sunday, November 22, 2009

College Kid Update

As my college kids like to remind me it has been a while since I have done a College Kid Update - so here goes!!
Logan - Logan is still in a holding pattern with his job - waiting for financing to be cleared through Homeland Security.  A few extra prayers in his behalf would be appreciated!!  He is managing to keep himself busy though.  He has helped his buddy Mark out by DJ ing a few dances for him and also painting Emily and Wynn's piano.  This weekend he went to the BYU football game with his buddy Lincoln.

 After the game they elebrated his roommate Lane's birthday with dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and a get together at their apartment afterwards.

Logan also gave a talk on Gratitude in Sacrament today - he shared a copy of it with us and we just wish we could have been there to hear him!  Love ya boy!!

Clark - Clark played in an Elder's Quroum football game Saturday morning.  We are hoping it is not too serious but he heard his knee pop and has had quite a bit of pain and stiffness since then.  He will have it checked out tomorrow.  It is not the knee he blew out before his mission - we are hoping he does not now have a matching set!!  Despite the pain, he went on a group date Saturday night up to SLC and went ice skating on it!  He is now thinking maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

Friday night he and some friends went to the Thrice concert in Salt Lake.

Cali has been keeping busy as usual!!  Friday night she attended a photography exhibit at the HFAC that features photos taken of students and faculty from the deaf school in Provo.  She was able to spend a couple of hours signing with people, which she loved!  After that she had a date - the majority of the date was spent watching the Boise State football game - she was thrilled!!

Saturday she had a dance rehearsal for the dance show she will perform in in February (Feb. 6th)  she then went to the BYU football game.  Afterwards a group of her roommates and friends went out to eat.  This experience deserves a post all of it's own so you are going to have to wait until tomorrow to see and read all the details!  Beware  - it involves A LOT of eating and the photos might make you nauseous!!

So Tessa is not a college kid but she is a student so you get an update on her too.  School and homework keep her pretty busy with her two AP classes and honors.  She is on the countdown for her boot removal- only two more weeks to go!!  Of course the highlight of her week was going to see New Moon so Friday night was spent hanging out at home and catching up on her sleep.

Saturday she helped out with a National Honor Society project and distributed toy collection bags through different neighborhoods.  After that the three of us went out to dinner and checked out a new restaurant - Cha-Cha-Cha, a local Mexican chain that was in the Pearl District.  We all liked it and will definitely go again!

Our neighbor Katie hired Tessa to be a party helper for Molly's 12th birthday party.  Tessa was there most of the evening Saturday helping out with the 15 girls in attendance.  I helped Katie set up the cupcake and candy bar which turned out great - pictures will be posted on my new party blog in a week or so!!

After the party Tessa hung out with Kat, one of Cali's friends.  They made homemade banana ice cream and brownies and watched a movie.

We are getting ready and excited to head to Utah on Tuesday - can't wait to see our college kids.  We will hopefully make it to Ontario Tuesday night and then arrive in Provo mid day on Wednesday.  Hoping to make a stop at Tai Pan Trading on the way into town!!!  We are so excited to see everyone!!


Emily said...

As far as my kids are concerned Wednesday can't come fast enough! Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! was the chant we heard in the car on the way home tonight after going through our coming week. WEDNESDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Leigh Anne! Drive carefully and pray for no blown out tires.

Tamara said...

Yeah! WEDNESDAY is here and you should almost be to Provo by now! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!