Friday, November 27, 2009

The Best Part of Thanksgiving

What's your favorite part of Thanksgivng?

I think the best part of Thanksgiving this year was cousins!  Lots of cousins!  The biggest benefit of spending Thanksgiving in Utah is getting to share it with lots of our Wilkes cousins!

Logan and his new girfriend Jacky!

Lots of cute girl cousins!  Cali, Tessa and Eryn

Cali, Tessa, Cece
lia and Mikala

Llittle Miss Jacky

and her handsome brother Ward!

The newly engaged cousin - Eric and his fiancee Diane.  We enjoyed meeting her for the first time!  Way to go Eric - you got a good one!

Some of the college, almost college, and just graduated from college cousins

and some of the boy cousins patiently waiting for dinner.

And best of all we got to see Grandma (and Brendy)

and Grandpa Wilkes!


Tamara said...

WOW! Makes me miss all of you even more. Thanks for sharing these fun pictures. Did Grandpa actually go shopping on Black Friday? Love you all lots!

Emily said...

We have an amazing family! And you make us all look so good with that camera of yours :)