Monday, November 23, 2009

The Sensous Sandwich

Saturday night Cali and a group of her roomates and friends went out to dinner.

They had dinner at the Sensous Sandwich in Provo.

They have a special wall there -

this wall is covered with photos of people who have been able to eat an entire 24 inch sandwich in 30 minutes!!

Not only do you get your photo on their Wall of Fame but you also get a t-shirt.
 Everytime you wear the t-shirt to the shop you get a free drink.
Well, Cali and her friends decided they wanted a t-shirt - they wanted their photo on the wall!

Why not - all you have to do is eat THIS!!

No problem!!

Well... they ate....and they ate....and they ate.....

Ok so this picture is before they ate - they look a lot happier in this photo!

Not quite so happy here.

or here....

Well....Cali didn't make it - she did eat 18 of the 24 inches though.

Her roommate Amanda was successful though and two of the guys!  They got the t-shirt!!

Cali said it would be a long time before she was ready to face another sub sandwich!!

Good try Cali!!


Emily said...

Those pictures are amazing!!! Amanda looks like she is going to loose it. I used to work right next to the one in Orem and I couldn't make it through six inches of their sandwiches because the bread is HUGE! 18 of the 24 is very impressive. Once again Cali, you made my day!

Tamara said...

Congrats Cali for a most valiant try!!!!!!