Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fashion Shoot

After church on Sunday we decided to have a little fashion shoot in the backyard. 

Tessa got the camera first and I was the model.  Showing off my amazing purchase I made a couple of months ago.  I have become such the bargain shopper.  Here is my $358.00 dress - except that is not what I paid for it!!  I only paid over $50.00 for it.  Added my $20.00 Target sweater to it and not bad!

I guess Tessa thought his was my best angle!

My new tights looked pretty cute too - don't you think!?

Now it was Tessa's turn.  I am going to take this as the highest form of flattery - when your 16 year old daughter wants to borrow your dress!  Look at the cute outfit Tessa put together with my dress!!

So I did fill it out a little more in certain places but how cute is she!!

She put it on over a vintage petticoat she has, added a black leather belt and a totally different look!

And by the way - it was cold outside!!

Jim was feeling a little left out so we took a picture of him too - his outfit wasn't nearly as cute!


Tamara said...

Love, love, love the dress and the tights too. Where did you get the tights? Jim looks very handsome too along with his gorgeous wife!

Leigh Anne Wilkes said...

I got them at Macy's! Thanks

Emily said...

That is one of my goals to be cool enough that my girls will want to share clothes with me. Oh yeah and I should be able to wear close to the same size :) They already have ones I wish I could wear. Too Cute!