Sunday, January 22, 2012

Packing it Away

I love decorating my house for the holidays.  What I don't love is getting all 35-40 boxes of stuff out of the attic and then putting it back again.  Especially now that there are no kids at home to help us get it down.

The last time I helped Jim do it I ended up in physical therapy for 6 months with tennis elbow in both arms so I am banned (darn!) from helping.  This year we paid a neighbor boy to help get the boxes down - WAY cheaper than 6 months of physical therapy.

So before the girls went back to school we took all the decorations down so they could help us put it all back in the attic.  They were good helpers despite a little complaining!  (I think it may have only been Tessa that complained - but just a little bit)

She's really not running away in that photo!

Cali manned the ladder, Jim was up in the attic and Tessa handed them the boxes.  What a team!  I took pictures.

 Why does it always go down so much faster than it goes up!

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